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Take The Confusion Out Of Unsecured Loans and Why Interest Rates And Or Factor Rates Are So High?

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Small business loans and funding typically require some form of collateral or assets pledged. However, this is not always the case. First, you the business owner, (merchant) may not want to place collateral for the loan. This can come from various forms of collateral such as accounts receivable, equipment, real estate, unimproved or improved land. Do what you want to do and not what you have to do.

The Pros Of Unsecured Business Loans/Advances:

*Shorter application process. Our firm requires about 8 questions. You can be approved on our "Approval" section of our website. In the alternative, a business funding officer for US Trust can take your application verbally or you can opt to safely completed a "fillable pdf application."

*You don't risk any collateral.

*No leveraging of assets to secure the business funds you need.

*Perfect credit is not required. Our 5 star Google rated firm funds business owners all the time with 550 credit scores. Additionally, every funded term loan and or advance includes the owners option to have our sister firm, US Trust Credit Repair LLC. complete 3 months of "complimentary credit repair." Is the firm you are currently working with giving you lip action and doing nothing to improve your credit situation? Well, most firms will ask for an "advance fee" which is illegal. US Trust Business Loans and Alternative Capital Funding provides the service for free on every business funding. We fund A to F credit, but give you another chance if you wish to improve your situation.

Irritated And Frustrated About The Business Loan Process?

We are tech oriented towards funding every business funding opportunity and fund same day on many situations. However, we also provide personal attention towards your file if you're a serious business or consumer that requires any type of business related loan, advance, line of credit, start-up or SBA type financing. Our client reviews speak volumes about how serious we are about placing your business in a better situation.

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