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Partner Program

Join the US Trust "Partner Program" and generate income for yourself and firm!

You may enroll as an individual accountant, enrolled agent or licensed tax preparer, or any other professional company.
There's no fee to join the program and you'll be paid a percentage of the gross funded loan amount.
The percentage will be determined by the loan type and the lender. 

We work with a network of 25 private lenders and the terms and commission points are all different.
As a "Partner" with US Trust Business Loans, you'll be paid 7-10 days after closing, which is generally within 24-48 hours.
To register as one of our "Partners," please complete the steps below:  
1.Complete our 1-page application on behalf of your client. This can be done using a desktop computer, workstation or mobile phone. You may also hit the "Download Application" button on our "Apply Now" page on our website for a copy of the fillable application. 

2. Call US Trust Business Loans at (305) 701-3843 and speak with Christopher Yates, the CEO, to discuss the details.   

3. Together, via zoom or on the phone, you'll  discuss the applicants financial objectives and goals and determine the best options for your client.  

4. We (US Trust) will submit the paperwork on your behalf, to underwriting. Once we receive the contract back from the lender, we'll send it over to your client to sign, via edoc.

Your client should receive funds within 2-4 hours after signing in most cases, however business lines of credit may take up to 1 full day to fund.

5. Once we (US Trust) receive payment from the lender, in the form of a commission, you will be compensated as a "Funding Partner, 1099 Consultant " within 7-10 business days, via Zelle, paper check, or direct deposit. 

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