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Heavy Machinery Funding

We know what entrepreneurs value the most in the heavy machinery financing space.


That's why we now offer a boutique financing arm of our company, the equivalent to that of a large scale firm.


Heavy machinery financing refers to a loan used to purchase heavy machinery business-related equipment, such as a restaurant oven or a vehicle.  


With this type of loan, you'll make periodic payments that including principal and interest, over a fixed length of time.


Serial numbers, vendor purchase orders, quotes and photos of the equipment you're purchasing may also be required prior to funding and the equipment you purchase will used as collateral for the loan.


Additional information/ advantages of our heavy machinery loans: 

​* 60 month terms available 

* Favorable approval rates on complex industries

* Customized programs available for clients with A-F credit

* Hassle free application process

* Funding amounts from $20,000 - $5,000,000.

* Qualified Industries: Medical, Dental, Excavation, Restaurant, Manufacturing, Automotive

* Competitive "bank-type" rates for A+ credit: starting at 7.50%

* Same-day funding available

* Access first-to-market products and a competitive advantage  

* Heavy Machinery loans are typically managed and serviced in-house  


​Our top industries can be offered zero percent down programs determined by the quality of the heavy machinery and strength of the business.  


Below is a sample list of heavy machinery available for finance:

* Restaurant equipment

* Equipment

* Green tech equipment

* Commercial, Garbage, Box Trucks

* Construction  

* Manufacturing and Retail Equipment

* Hospital and Dentistry Equipment

* Medical

* Logging

* Woodworking

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