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A/R Financing

This type of financing is based on a company receiving capital in return for a chosen portion of its accounts receivables. A lender will typically advance a portion of the businesses outstanding invoices in one form or another. A small business loan product or revenue advance product. The invoices serve as collateral for the servicing funder, providing security and flexibility in funding options for your business's growth and stability. Benefits for businesses for new potential cash flow and to seize growth opportunities with confidence. Select locations available.


Funding range: $75,000 - $10,000,000 

Available in the following states:  CA, TX, FL, NY, PA, IL, OH, GA, NC, MI, NJ, VA, WA, AZ, MA, TN, IN, MD, MI, WI, CO, MN, SC, AL, LA, KY, OR, OK, CT, UT, IA, NV, AR, MS, KS, NM, NE, ID, WV, HI, NH, ME, RI, MT, DE, SD, ND, AK, VT

Serving States: California | Texas | Florida | New York | Pennsylvania | Illinois | Ohio | Georgia | North Carolina | Michigan | New Jersey | Virginia | Washington | Arizona | Massachusetts | Tennessee | Indiana | Maryland | Missouri | Wisconsin | Colorado | Minnesota | South Carolina | Alabama | Louisiana | Kentucky | Oregon | Oklahoma | Connecticut | Utah | Iowa | Nevada | Arkansas | Mississippi | Kansas | New Mexico | Nebraska | Idaho | West Virginia | Hawaii | New Hampshire | Maine | Rhode Island | Montana | Delaware | South Dakota | North Dakota | Alaska | Vermont 

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