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We Are Working Capital With White-Glove Service: Funding Healthcare Professionals with Private Lines of Credit To $1.7 MM

FUNDED: $180,000

Miami Chiropractor Medical Center

FUNDED: $75,000

North Carolina Boutique Outlet Store

Business Term Loan

FUNDED: $168,000

Personal Loan 5 Years

10.875% Fixed

Restaurant and bar benefiting from loan company's funding support.

Immediate funds were needed to pay their IRS taxes and expand operations.

North Carolina boutique outlet store empowered by a business term loan

Funding was used to purchase additional inventory and much-needed renovations.. which saved their business! 

Florida Chiropractor thriving with 5-year personal loan

Funds were used for a local TV media buy and to open an additional location.

FUNDED: $75,000

Georgia Logistics Company 

Equipment Loan 

Georgia logistics firm propelled by equipment loan support.

Even with poor credit AND a risky industry, we were able to secure the working capital the client needed to keep his company! 

FUNDED: $248,000

Texas Construction Company

Commercial Loan

Texas construction firm benefiting from a commercial loan.

Our client was able bid on and win three additional government jobs, knowing he had the funds to pay for additional materials and staff upfront. 

FUNDED: $40,000

Georgia NASCAR Engine Shop Business Line of Credit (LOC)

Georgia NASCAR engine shop empowered by a business line of credit.

 Previously turned down by three other companies, with his revenue based LOC the merchant can now borrow up to 40K perpetually as needed.

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