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Personal Loan

A personal loan is kept completely separate from any business loans you may have and is usually reported to the credit bureaus monthly.


You can use personal loan proceeds for anything you wish and can be a good option for consolidating high-interest credit cards and existing loans or a financing larger purchase such as a equipment or real estate.  


Unlike most our our business loan products, a personal loan is based mainly on the borrower's income and personal credit score, rather than their business revenue.


Personal loans are a great alternative for those clients with Top Tier credit.

A 680+ credit score with Experian is required as well as an acceptable debt ratio, 6 or less hard inquiries in the past 3 months on your credit report.


These loans have a fixed interest rate between 8.75%-25% at this time, monthly payments and a term up to 5 years.


Two years of personal tax returns and schedule C or summary pages will be requested by our lenders, so please have a copies available when you apply.

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