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How To Be Approved For A Business Line of Credit | Tips For Securing A Business Line of Credit

Updated: Mar 5

First, "It Costs Money To Make Money Is Typically A Statement Of Fact.

Do everything possible in your business to develop a strong positive monthly cash flow.

Try and avoid have negative days and bounced checks. Maintain high daily bank ledger balances so US Trust Loans can maximize your line of credit approval.

Second, Don't continue taking out new merchant cash advances. The short term advances will preclude US Trust to starting you off with weekly and monthly payments under their flexible line of credit up to 1.5 million. Perfect credit is not needed.

Lastly, the important steps mentioned will allow you maximize your cash flow responsibly. Remember, you will only pay interest on the amount you draw from the credit line. There is typically a minimum draw of $20,000 at funding.

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