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Commercial Loans "Lite Doc Program" No up front fees.

Updated: Mar 5

Turned Down by the bank and the realtor referral had no clue why? Did the bank not like the property or your sparse tax returns? Write off too much on your schedule C? Naturally, writing off too many allowable expenses can help you at tax time, but cripple your chances of obtaining a reasonable "bank type interest rate." We DO NOT require tax returns from 100k to 2 million. However, we like to see available cash flow on the business and prefer 6 months of business bank statements and significant management and owner occupied/investor experience. Perfect bank type credit scores are not required and these are NOT "hard money" type loans. Rates start at 7.5% and up. 5, 10, and 30 year terms are available. Office-Multi Family-Warehouse-Light Industrial-Mixed Use-Restaurant/Bar

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