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Heavy Machinery & Medical Equipment Funding

We Have A Very Wide Window For Qualifying From A to F Credit

Heavy Machine

Equipment & Heavy Machinery Funding

We know what entrepreneurs value the most in the equipment financing space. That is why we offer: Boutique Financing Arm of  a Large Equipment Servicing Portfolio.

*Sixty month terms are available-$5,000 to 5 million + financing packages.

*Favorable approval rates on complex industries.

*A to F credit customer tailor funding approvals.

*Hassle free and equipment financing application process.

*Funding amounts from $20,000 to $5,000,000.


*Very competitive "bank type rates" on excellent credit files starting at 7.50%

*Wide credit window-****You can literally fund the same day****

*Gain a competitive advantage within your target market.

*Equipment deals are typically managed and serviced in a portfolio and are not sold.

This is the type of capital US Trust Business Loans and Alternative Capital Funding can offer on viable case approvals: Our top industries and some with zero percent down!  Depending on the quality of the equipment and business Zero  to 20% down payments are available. 

*Restaurant equipment

*Heavy Machinery

*Green tech equipment

*Commercial, Garbage, Box Trucks

*Construction Equipment

*Manufacturing and Retail Equipment

*Hospital and Dentistry Equipment


*Mission Critical Equipment for the Business

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