Accepted Too Many "Easy Money Loans?"


We offer Reverse Consolidation Loans and have choices to either settle out those high rate loans and or restructure your existing loans so you are in a better financial situation. With no extra costs,  in-house credit repair is included in every funding program. Reverse Consolidation Loans are strategic methods of lowering the burden of making high payments on any merchant cash advance loans. The interest rates on the reverse consolidation loans are typically 25% to 50% less than your merchant cash advance daily or weekly payment loans. Our firm offers work-out and negotiation strategies to significantly reduce or in some cases eliminate the debt completely. Our firm has these types of private relationships.

We Can Act Before You Default-Lack of cash flow is one common issue all of our client's face.  Our typical client could have several stacked loans from different advance companies and they are struggling day-to-day to keep their heads above water.  Contrary to what other providers say, we restructure the debt instead of settle out the debt similar to a "consumer debt settlement case."  We pay back the lender and mediate the situation so you can continue to borrow in the future.  

Probable Solutions: Forebearance Agreements-Restructuring Lower Payments-Lump Sum Settlements, if appropriate, Lawsuit Defense with our attorney network to protect your rights.