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Los Angeles Landscaping Co. Low 600 Fico Score, 6 months in business, but outstanding monthly cash flow. $75,000 Approved & funded same day with one computer keystroke by myself and the portfolio funding partner. 

Auto and Paint Shop Approved for $20,000 First position . Poor credit score due to being personally "overleveraged" but current on personal bills. Local credit union said, "NO Way" I said, "Lets find a way." No collateral.

North Carolina Transportation Co. 1 year in business. Proven track record. Denied by other funders, but I had them funded for $7,500 same day.

$175,000 Funde Personal Loan Comprised of 7 offers. Start-Up/Expansion Loans with monthly payments. 680 Minimum Credit Score-Rates start at 8.5%-17%

The client was a Senior Airline Pilot for American Airlines growing a new business.

Empire State Building

Pennsylvania Dairy Farm Funding for $45,000.Partner Buyout.


established retail store. $43,000 funded second position.

Commercial Warehouse Approved:1.7 million, cash out refinance 1.10 DSCR-705 Fico

5 YR-30YR Amt

7.50% Interest Rate. Algon Sports-Castle Rock CO

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