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Mezzanine Loan


What is a Mezzanine Loan?

A mezzanine loan is an unsecured loan with higher interest rates than standard loans, but lower than adjustable rate mortgages. Mezzanine loans are also known as "hybrid" loans because they are a combination of fixed and adjustable rates with one or more points typically used to adjust the interest rate during the term of the loan.

Mezzanine Financing

Our mezzanine loan service allows us to offer an alternative solution for those who are struggling with high-interest debts. It allows you to access capital that is normally only available to large corporations or institutions, to pay off your debts or make improvements to your business. Our loans can be tailored to suit your individual needs and are designed to provide maximum flexibility in repayment terms. Contact us from CA, TX, FL, NY, PA, IL, OH, GA, NC, MI, NJ, VA, WA, AZ, MA, TN, IN, MD, MI, WI, CO, MN, SC, AL, LA, KY, OR, OK, CT, UT, IA, NV, AR, MS, KS, NM, NE, ID, WV, HI, NH, ME, RI, MT, DE, SD, ND, AK, VT, VA, WV

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